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Let's face it, diets just don't work! You may drop pounds but your eating habits that you have learned throughout your lifetime bring the weight back. Healthy eating is a lifestyle. Better Body is here to give you the motivation and tools to learn to better eating habits. Better body has designed a plan that will guide you into a healthier life and leave you feeling and looking better. The Better Diet is not your traditional diet. There is no calorie counting and no strange guidelines that you have to follow. This diet is just simply what is says, a better way to eat. Following our plan with consistency will allow you to live a better life and still enjoy most food you feel "guilty" about eating. Remember your style of eating should last a lifetime not 3 months. Most experts say it takes 6 weeks to break a habit. Keep in mind this will take time and dedication, STICK WITH IT. We are here to help!! Booking private sessions and sending us questions or comments will help you along and guide to a better life.

A Better Body Rules #1----Stick to eating chicken and fish 75% percent of the time. Fish and chicken contain a lot less fat and also much less saturated fat and also much less saturated fat than do red meats. Once your start consistently eating chicken and fish you will treat a big,fat,juicy cheeseburger and a treat not a meal.

A Better Body Rules #2---- Eliminate soda and strongly reduce juices out of your life. They are full of sugars that you don't need. Most of us reach out to soda for boost of energy. The Better Diet will bring you energy in it's self.

A Better Body Rules #3---- Get all the sleep and sunlight you can get. Sleep is as important as nutrition and exercise. Sunlight allows the body to make its own vitamin D , which brings healthy bones and strong teeth. Sleep and sunlight improves your mood. You feel, you look good.

A Better Body Rules #4---- You must be active. You have to get 30 minutes of cardio 3 times a week anyway you can. Go for a walk up a hill, swim, play,or go out dancing. What you ever do, make sure you are enjoying yourself while doing it.

A Better Body Rules #5---- If it doesn't hurt a little your not doing it right. Prepare yourself, for the beginning to be difficult. You will need help from others. Surround yourself with positive people. Do not underestimate your strength. As you ease into better living things will get easier.

Living your life by these five rules must be done CONSISTENTLY. This way of eating will soon become second nature to you in a few months. Better Body is very excited to help you find the better you. Let's start today!





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